Playing Backup Wii games without a Mod Chip

You might have realized that even after copying your original game to a backup disc, you still cannot play it on your Nintendo Wii. That is because your Wii firmware is locked to detect only original Wii discs. Do not worry about this. I have the perfect solution for you. This method does not need you to open your Wii casing and installing a troublesome modchip. Opening up your Wii casing will only void your Wii warranty if your set is still under warranty.

The perfect solution is Homebreware. Homebreware will bypass the original firmware inside your Wii and allows you to play copied or backup games. You might ask how it is possible. This method is called softmodding. Homebreware makes use of some Wii firmware security flaws and install a bypass.
Currently only Nintendo Wii firmware version 4.2 and below is supported.

What other functions does Homebreware have?
  1. Allows you to play backup and copied games.
  2. Unlocked region control. You will be able to play games from any regions.
  3. Allows you to play retro and classic games. Do you miss your old Sega Genesis, NES, Super NES, N64 games such as Super Mario, Final Fantasy 3?
  4. Enable you to watch and play movie DVDs.
  5. Loads of other custom software and applications that can be installed on your Wii.
  6. Unlock your Wii set without even opening up the casing.
  7. Able to revert back the changes to your Wii firmware easily. Allows your set to be still in under warranty status.
Right now Homebreware is selling at a low price of $29. 40% discount off the original price of $55. Remember it only works on firmware version 4.2 and below.

I am a happy user of Homebreware and I have recommended my friends to it. Now we only pool buy our games and created backup copies within my circle of friends. The saving I have after installing Homebreware is tremendous.

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